Athletes beat the heat at Adaptive Sports Camp in Berlin

Athletes beat the heat at Adaptive Sports Camp in Berlin on Monday.
Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 7:25 PM EDT
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BERLIN, CT (WFSB) - The high temperatures this week won’t stop some incredible athletes from discovering their full potential.

At the Hospital for Special Care Ivan Lendl Adaptive Sports Camp in Berlin, more than 25 differently abled kids and teens from all over get the chance to play tons of sports with their peers.

For some adaptive sports is second nature, but for others, it’s a community they’ve only dreamt about.

“When I first got to camp it was the first time I’ve seen any adaptive sports so it really got me into adaptive sports and knowing the community around it,” said Aiden Fecteau, Camp Counselor.

Nine years ago, Aiden was a shy newbie at Ivan Lendl Adaptive Sports Camp. Today he’s a counselor that just returned from winning 3rd place at Nationals in power soccer.

“It feels like I’m actually playing a sport, I’m not like sitting in a corner watching other people do it. The court, there’s a bunch of people who feel the same way. There’s a lot of different disabilities a lot of people from everywhere in the country, it’s nice to know there’s people out there,” said Aiden.

Tennis coach Karin Korb says that’s what this place is all about: empowerment.

“You would be amazed at all the things that we have brought forward, and the reason we bring them forward is because this is how we survive in a world that was never built for us,” said Karin Korb, Nationally Recognized Wheelchair Tennis Coach.

Adaptive sports is a whole other ball game, with its own set of challenges.

“How do we get to the camp? Do you have parents that bring you to the camp? What does the transportation look like? What does the education look like?” said Karin.

Overcoming obstacles is the name of the game.

Even during a heatwave, the kids are out here learning to adapt, integrating water and shade breaks with breaking down barriers.

Aiden says he hopes he inspires campers to never give up and to always believe you can achieve anything.

“Since I’m a college student, I could maybe tell them about college, and they could probably get into it too. Because they know they can do it if I can do it,” said Aiden.