Bright Spot: Non-profit invites kids with disabilities to play ball

Beautiful Lives Project invites kids to play ball
Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 5:26 PM EDT
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(WFSB) - Many kids dream of playing in the big leagues on day.

But for others, that dream is a bit more modest.

Those with disabilities may dream to pick up a bat and stand over home plate.

Ethan Briner wants to be a catcher just like his big brother.

They’re already working on Ethan’s home run celebration

Briner’s family lives near York, Pennsylvania and was among the first to arrive when the York Revolution minor league team donated their field for the day to a nonprofit called Beautiful Lives Project, which is traveling America this year.

This non-profit stages games for people who they say are often left out when local towns and communities organize sports leagues and events.

Carter Hutchinson was born 16-weeks premature with cerebral palsy.

His mom says Carter suffers chronic pain and breathing struggles but always has a sparkle in his eye when he talks baseball.

“I can’t imagine not having baseball. I love it so much. It brings us so much joy,” said Amanda.

From town to town, Beautiful Lives Project finds and invites the local kids and adults with disabilities to play.

It’s often the local minor league ball players leading the drills.

These events were dreamt up and organized by a young man who now brings them all across the country this summer.

A man who’s also seizing his own opportunity in the press box.

Bryce Weiler of Illinois has put together 20 stops this year, from Boston to Minneapolis to York.

Bryce is blind and discovered few people think to organize events like this, which is why he does it.

“They’re able to see how important it is to surround yourself with people and friends who believe in you,” said Bryce, Co-Founder of the Beautiful Lives Project.

He’s not stopping there.

He’s begun broadcasting, calling nearly 150 professional games so far, as an effort to break more boundaries.