Dogs find homes after training facility abuse

Dogs recovering after abuse claims
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 6:52 PM EDT
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(WFSB) - The owner of Black Rock Canine training facility and two others were arrested after officers investigated claims that dogs were being shot and killed on the property.

Channel 3 asked the State Department of Agriculture if Black Rock Canines was still licensed. The commissioner confirmed the business is under a cease and desist order.

During the course of the investigation 31 dogs were taken in by the Department of Agriculture and they have spent months in their care.

The commissioner says most are german shepherd and malinois type dogs, along with some labs.

The Department of Agriculture spent roughly $120,000 rehabilitating these animals.

Now, they are winding down that process and sending them to new homes.

These are animals that are bred and trained to be working dogs and fortunately many of them are now on their way to fulfilling that purpose.

“Two were adopted by the Connecticut State Police to be used as comfort dogs. One of them was adopted by a Massachusetts town to be used as a comfort dog. One is going to be trained and adopted out as an emotional support dog for veterans and then one is still available through the Wolcott Animal Control Office.

The owner of Black Rock Canines, David Rivera Jr, is a New Canaan Police Officer.

He has been placed on leave according to the chief and can not serve as an active duty officer until his case is adjudicated.

Unfortunately, one of 31 dogs did not pass the medical evaluation stage.

The commissioner says it had to be euthanized after being removed from Black Rock Canines and didn’t make it to the behavioral evaluation.

However, more of these dogs are on their way to good homes.

Tomorrow, Channel 3 will have a closer look at a group of dogs from this case that are on the road to recovery and how you can help them.