Risk of fire danger ‘high’ in CT counties due to drought

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Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 11:55 AM EDT
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(WFSB) – Tuesday marked another day of dry conditions in Connecticut and across the country.

The lack of rain led to an elevated risk of fire danger in the state.

The drought monitor for Connecticut.
The drought monitor for Connecticut.(WFSB)

People may have noticed their grass and plants looking as dry as straw, and as more days go by without a drop of rain, drought and fire danger worsens.

In fact, the National Weather Service reported that the very dry soil and easterly/northeast wind on Tuesday really elevated the risk for fire spread. The fire danger is extreme for southern Middlesex, southern New London, and northern Windham counties.

It’s either “very high” or “high” for all other areas of the state.

Due to the high fire danger, people cannot burn, even if they have a permit from their local burning official to burn brush on their property, or if they would be burning within 100 feet of grassland or woods.

With the current conditions and even those expected for the upcoming week, here is what people can do: Obey local laws on burning—including campfires. Never leave any outdoor fire unattended and carefully dispose of any hot charcoal. Also, keep flammable objects away from outdoor burning and scape leaves, grass, and twigs away from the fire within a 10-foot diameter circle.

Anyone who sees a forest fire should stay calm and dial 911 to report it to the local fire department.