Board votes to approve lease between airport authority and private developer

The Board of Directors voted Wednesday night to approve a lease between the Tweed Airport and a private developer.
Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 7:11 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 18, 2022 at 7:30 AM EDT
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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - The Tweed New Haven Airport is one step closer to a $70 million expansion.

The Board of Directors voted Wednesday night to approve a lease between the Tweed Airport and a private developer.

With a 43-year lease now signed, Tweed and the City of New Haven are officially in business with Avports LLC.

“Which is a private developer that will put up 100 million dollars of their own money rather than us having to rely all on government to finance for this project,” said Sean Scanlon, executive director of Tweed Airport.

The board has been looking to build a new terminal on the east side of the airport and expand a runway, but many residents and the East Haven mayor have been against the project.

“It’s a big concern. There is no amount of money they can give the Town of East Haven to make up for 43 years of change that will never be reversible,” said Jean Edwards-Chieppo, an East Haven resident.

Many residents like Edwards-Chieppo spoke before the vote and worried more planes would increase pollution, cause more noise, and cause a fuel smell to be too much.

“It is appalling. Find your conscience. It’s absolutely diabolical. A few people will make millions or trillions from this. While we will all suffer,” said another member of the public.

“If you came here at 6 o’clock tomorrow, your alarm clock will be a jet. The East Haven Mayor Joseph Carfora [is] also going against it saying the vote was rushed and his team just got the over 600-page lease on Sunday,” Edwards-Chieppo said.

“East Haven takes it on the chin while we will inherit all the traffic, transient population, parking headaches, ecological strip-mining, noise, pollution and burden on our already taxed public safety departments,” Carfora said.

However, airport officials are excited. They claim more than a thousand jobs will be available and residents will have access to more destinations.

With Wednesday’s green light, now they wait for the environmental assessment.

“It looks at everything like health, wellness, wetlands, wildlife, all of the process will continue to play out. We are listening to the community talking to experts studying the issues that are important,” Scanlon said concerning the environmental report.

After the airport conducts the assessment, the Federal Aviation Administration said it will review it. If it passes, then the airport will have to get local and state permits. Then, construction could start.

In the meantime, residents said they will keep fighting and hope for change.

Supporters of a Tween New Haven Airport expansion scored a major win on Wednesday night.
With a 43 year lease now signed, Tweed and the city of New Haven is officially in business with Avports LLC.
Board votes to approve Tweed Airport lease