Bright Spot: Red Cross volunteer celebrates 101st birthday

A Red Cross volunteer in Arizona celebrated her 101st birthday this week.
Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 6:24 PM EDT
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Phoenix, AZ (WFSB) - A Red Cross volunteer in Arizona celebrated her 101st birthday this week.

She’s been volunteering with the organization longer than most people have been a live, more than eight decades.

“I’m putting together packets for disaster victims.” Every Thursday, you can find Betty Grenig carefully placing paper into folders.

This task has evolved over the years. She has been volunteering through the American Red Cross since she was 17.

“We’re just honored to have her as part of our group, part of the Red Cross. 84 years volunteering.”

The now 101-year-old finds joy serving at the Phoenix Chapter of the American Red Cross. She moved there in 1961 and before that she volunteered in Japan, Korea, and the Philippines, places where her husband served in the Army.

“The most important thing is to get people to donate blood. I’ve given over 20 gallons.”

More specifically, Betty has given 25 gallons of blood.

“Twice I have received notes from people who have thanked me for their donation and how it has helped them. It makes you feel good.”

And last year, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Biden.

But as Betty takes one day at a time, she offers younger generations a piece of advice: “Be dependable. that counts a lot more than the hours.”

And reflecting back on the last 101 years, Betty says “years don’t make any difference. It’s how your life is being lived.”