CT Water asks customers to reduce water usage

CT Water asks customers to reduce water usage
Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 11:22 AM EDT
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MANCHESTER, CT (WFSB) - Amid the drought, Connecticut Water is asking customers to do what they can to cut back on water usage.

Despite some rain over the last week, the state still remains in drought status.

“We’re seeing precipitation about 5 inches below normal on average. Some areas more than others,” said Dan Meaney, Director of Corporate Communications at Connecticut Water.

That’s creating an issue for water supply.

“We want to make sure that we maintain adequate water supplies for the essential purposes that customers rely on us for which is water for cooking, drinking, basically everything that’s important to public health,” said Meaney.

Connecticut Water services about 350,000 people and businesses within the state.

The water supply company is asking people to consider the following measures to help conserve water:

  • Stop lawn watering
  • Cover swimming pools to reduce water lost to evaporation
  • Clean sidewalks or walkways with a broom instead of a hose
  • Check toilets, indoor and outdoor faucets for leaks

“What we’re asking our customers to do really is avoid outdoor watering, especially lawn watering and irrigation. That is a big use of water in the summertime. At this point in the year, it is okay for lawns to go brown. They will come back when the rain returns,” Meaney said.

Connecticut Water services 60 towns across the state.

“We do have some specific targets, some goal reduction targets in the Connecticut shoreline area in the area between Guilford and Old Saybrook. We have our shoreline system which there are a lot of season homes and we’ve seen some very high demand there,” said Meaney.

Nyalee, who’s just 10 years old, says she’ll be doing her part to cut back on water usage and help the environment.

“I think I would use a little less water,” said Nyalee. “Because we also live here and it’s like good for us and if we also don’t take care of it, the earth is not taking care of us either.”

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