Small Business Spotlight: A Spoonful of Britain

Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 5:10 PM EDT
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SIMSBURY, CT (WFSB) – Eyewitness News is highlighting small business across our state every week through our Small Business Spotlight!

Some of them are so unique, you might not even realize they’re in your backyard.

We headed to A Spoonful of Britain in Simsbury.

“It’s amazing what you miss. And then the things you forget you’ve missed. Because when we were doing our first big order it was like oh wow, we’d both forgotten about things. Yeah, it’s definitely like a little taste of home,” said Natalie Brown.

Natalie Brown and Carly Kyd opened the shop at the beginning of July, just in time for the Queen’s Jubilee.

“Busy. It was really really busy, yeah we were amazed by the turnout actually. It was really fun,” said Natalie.

They’ve filled the store to the brim with things they love from their home back in England.

“I love the cookies, biscuits, I should say. And I really like the crisps. The crisps, yeah,” said Carly.

Crisps, or chips as we call them here, are popular. Even in different flavors.

“When Americans come in and ask what we’d recommend, just the willingness to try. And it’s always a positive result and feedback,” said Natalie.

Some of their most popular items are the home décor.

“Some of our biggest sellers have been the cheeky cups and plates and things, definitely. There’s been some raised eyebrows,” said Carly.

You can find pillows, tea, greeting cards, and even frozen food.

They say they’re constantly bringing things in to keep up.

“Fall things coming in, some union jack cushions that, they actually just arrived yesterday so we’ll be putting those out, and getting rid of the more summery items that we have here. And then Christmas is going to be huge. We have so many things coming for Christmas, selection boxes and in England we have these big tins of chocolates and biscuits and things like that,” said Carly.

It’s not just the items for sale that make it feel like Britain, but you’ll find a telephone booth, you can even say hello to the queen!

“There’s a really huge expat community, not just in Simsbury, but in Connecticut as a whole, but also a huge influx of Americans that have been to England or have spent a semester there or have relatives there and have tried some of the goodies, so they come in finding things that have missed,” Carly said.