Small Business Spotlight: Bards Clothing

Bards Clothing
Published: Sep. 6, 2022 at 4:50 PM EDT
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MERIDEN, CT (WFSB) - In Tuesday’s Small Business Spotlight, Eyewitness News visited Bards Clothing in Meriden.

As you set your clothes out for your day, you might not think about how you’re telling a story, but that’s actually what Matthew Banaver wants you to do.

“I fell into retail. I got a job right out of college in the mall and over 10 years I just realized I wanted to be a teacher and that selling was very similar so I really started to delve into the passion of selling and talking to people and then when I could get into this higher end realm of clothing I could teach people about the history of clothing and I could really bring back what I learned in school and join it with my love of like how people feel and making people look good, feel good,” said Matthew.

Matthew started Bards Clothing in June of 2020. He uses his history degree to help tell the stories of his clients through their wardrobe.

“I spent all of quarantine thinking about just how I could have my own business but also do it in a way that helped people, there was a big push for shopping local during the pandemic and I thought what better way than made in America clothing,” Matthew said.

He works with a team of tailors who help make everything perfect for customers.

“They can choose the buttons, the lining, I can move their arm holes back and forward if they’ve had rotator cuff surgery and one shoulders built up a little bit more, somebody who has a crooked posture I can adjust the pattern make them look like they have really good posture,” said Matthew.

He designs men’s and women’s clothing and it’s 100-percent custom.

“When I sit down with a customer, we start with who they are, what they’ve bought, what they’re looking for, because I’m not here to sell them some trendy seasonal item, I want to build a wardrobe for them for their future, I want to build pieces that actually work with them,” Matthew said.

Banaver is hoping Bards Clothing will provide timeless pieces for everyone.

“Bards were storytellers back in medieval times. They would actually kind of tell the news to the rest of the kingdom and I fancy myself as a storyteller and there’s no better way to tell your story than through clothing,” said Matthew.

For more information on Bards Clothing, click here.