New Milford woman no longer involved in gun lawsuit

New Milford woman no longer involved in gun lawsuit
Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 7:13 PM EDT
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NEW MILFORD, Conn. (WFSB) - The New Milford woman at the center of a national gun rights group’s lawsuit against CT, seeking to get rid of a ban on assault weapons, is no longer involved with the case. She tells Channel 3 why.

Patricia Brought of New Milford wants to set the record straight, she does not own any semi-automatic weapons. In fact, she doesn’t even own any guns. She says it is all a misunderstanding and the gun rights group had made a mistake.

Patricia Brought says the last few days have been stressful. A lawsuit was filed last week, in her name, alongside the National Association for Gun Rights, seeking to get rid of a ban on assault weapons in the state. But many of the arguments in the lawsuit, Patricia says, were not her own, including the argument that she owned semi-automatic weapons.

“I absolutely do not own any guns and I don’t even own a slingshot at the moment,” says Patricia Brought. “I’m not militant.”

Patricia says she was asked to be a part of the lawsuit, by an association spokesperson. She had donated to the group before, and that is how they found her name. She says she was told the lawsuit was about protecting gun rights. The 84-year-old believes in the right to own a gun and thinks it should be an option for people like her to have, so she was on board.

“I just want the ability to know that if things got really bad, I would be able to have some way of protecting my family, “says Patricia Brought. “I hate to think that America, during my lifetime, is going to lose their freedom.”

But the lawsuit actually seeks to overturn Connecticut’s ban on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons passed after the Sandy Hook massacre. Patricia called the group, after seeing the lawsuit in the media, and told them they had her words wrong.

When asked if people should be able to have machine guns she says, “no that should only be for the military.” But she says the AR-15 ban should be more of a discussion, because “it’s used as a hunting rifle, people have been using it for years and years.”

Patricia says the pro-gun group explained a worker had mixed her viewpoints up with another persons who originally wanted to be a part of the lawsuit but later dropped out.

She says she knows the mistake wasn’t intentional but says because she’s had to deal with many angry calls, it’s important to let the public know why she agreed to be involved in the first place.

“My opinion was, or my reason was, that I needed to make it clear that we need to keep our own legal gun for protection, for our family and our property and our lives,” says Patricia Brought.

The National Association for Gun Rights resubmitted the lawsuit to federal court Tuesday, with a new plaintiff. It now lists a Granby woman. We reached out to the pro-gun group; they have not responded. They are suing 7 states, including Connecticut.