Two attempted robberies at Webster Banks

Two Webster banks were held up today in two different Connecticut town.
Published: Sep. 17, 2022 at 12:21 AM EDT
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WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) - Two Webster banks were held up today in two different Connecticut town.

The suspect appears to have a penchant for Webster banks.

The Webster bank on North Main Street in West Hartford was hit this morning. 40 minutes later, another one was held up in nearby Simsbury.

The suspect is still on the loose.

Seen on surveillance footage from the bank in West Hartford, The suspect walked in, robbed the bank, and left.

40 minutes later, at another Webster bank on Hopmeadow Street in Simsbury, the suspect showed a note to a bank employee demanding money.

The suspect was not given any money and left the scene.

In both cases, the man’s head and face are covered.

The robber acted quickly. He hit the West Hartford Webster bank at 10:25 this morning, and then appears to have gone directly to the other Webster bank in Simsbury at 11:05.

These bank robberies follow a series of bank robberies at People’s United Banks in Stop and Shop stores over the summer.

Two people were arrested in connection with those string of bank robberies.

If you ever find yourself in a bank when it is being robbed, law enforcement expert Lt. J Paul Vance has some advice.

“It’s important that you stay calm. You don’t resist. You do as is instructed. If you are told to lay down, lay down. If you are told to look at the floor, look at the floor. But you also want to make no sudden movements whatsoever. Calmness is extremely important. Keep your hands in sight all the time,” said Lt. Vance.

He also says it is important to be observant before you enter the bank.

“Be observant when you pull into a bank parking lot. You may see someone sitting in the car, waiting for their passenger to come out. Simply doing business in the bank which is fine, but when you see something like that, just make a mental note of that because it could be suspicious. It could be a perpetrator’s accomplice waiting for a perpetrator to exit the bank having committed a crime. You could provide that information to police when the respond,” said Lt. Vance.

Most importantly, try not to make eye contact with the robber.

You don’t want to look the person in the eye. You want to pretend you are looking to the ground or looking away. It makes them feel more comfortable,” said Lt. Vance. “Eye contact may make a perpetrator believe that you could identify him or her, or you may be able to provide some significant information about their appearance, and that might be dangerous.”

Lt. Vance says if you do happen to notice anything particular about the suspect, it is important to make a mental note to provide to law enforcement when they try to piece the crime together.