Denise D’Ascenzo Foundation holds inaugural golf tournament

Denise D'Ascenzo Foundation Charity Golf Tournament
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 12:31 PM EDT
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WETHERSFIELD, CT (WFSB) – The inaugural Denise D’Ascenzo Foundation Golf Tournament was held Tuesday at the Wethersfield Country Club.

It’s being held in the memory of our Channel 3 colleague Denise D’Ascenzo, who passed away in December of 2019.

She meant so much to not only her family and colleagues at Channel 3, but throughout Connecticut. Denise worked at Channel 3 for 33 years.

Her daughter Kathryn has been a vital part of developing the foundation and putting together this tournament. The tournament that is sold out because Denise was so loved and respected in this state. The support is understandable, but Kathryn says her mom wouldn’t have believed it.

“I think she would be very surprised; I don’t think she would believe that we could create this foundation, but she would be honored with all we’ve done so far. I think she would be honored and proud of what we have done so far,” said Kathryn Cooke.

“Denise would love it she’d love the weather the beautiful organization and the beautiful club,” said Wayne Cooke, Denise’s husband.

Many in the field knew Denise, and many knew of her work.

“She talked the talk and walked the walk. She reached out and helped people. And people knew that she has hundreds of thousands of supporters, and I think they are going to come out and support her and the foundation will do great things in the coming years,” said Dr. William Petit.

Denise lived by the motto of be open, be brave, and be kind.

The money raised from this event will go to charitable organizations that are part of Denise’s desire to further truthful journalism, assist those with physical and mental challenges and further medical advancement.

The tournament will conclude with a big dinner and auction.

Inaugural Denise D'Ascenzo Foundation Golf Tournament held
Inaugural Denise D'Ascenzo Golf Tournament underway at the Wethersfield Country Club