Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones faces a CT judge for the first time today

Alex Jones testifies in defamation trial
Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 5:53 AM EDT|Updated: Sep. 22, 2022 at 10:07 AM EDT
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WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - Alex Jones’ first day on the stand was filled with a lot of back and forth.

He’s in the middle of his second defamation trial.

Jones was already found liable for damages against multiple families of Sandy Hook victims.

He got questioned on a lawsuit he made years ago against the left-wing commentary show The Young Turks.

Bringing it up, the plaintiffs’ attorneys tried to show similarities between what he did and what their clients are doing now with their lawsuits.

Jones took the stand in front of dozens of family members of Sandy Hook victims, some of whom have testified in this trial.

After asking him about his comments and coverage of the trial on his show, plaintiffs’ Attorney Chris Mattei brought up a lawsuit Jones made against The Young Turks.

Concerning this story, Alex Jones sent child porn to Sandy Hook parents.

“You say here that they hold themselves out as quote, serious journalists with millions of followers across multiple social media platforms and the biggest media network on YouTube that is completely monetized by YouTube,” said Mattei.

In his questioning, Mattei established the story was a lie, and pointed out how the story hurt Jones’ reputation. Mattei also pointed out how the tweet had dozens of retweets and likes.

During the lunch break outside the courthouse, Jones criticized bringing in this lawsuit.

“Then they show one subtweet with a link to The Young Turks video, that had millions of views by the way, and act like, look, this, this little bitty thing over here. It wasn’t a little bitty thing. It was a top news story in the country. Them lying about me,” said Jones.

In court, Mattei went on to asked him about his lies about Sandy Hook and how damaging they could be.

“If someone were to falsely claim that a group of families who lost loved ones were actors, and they faked the deaths of their loved ones, that would be a horrible thing to say, correct?” asked Mattei.

“In the context, it could be, yes,” Jones answered.

Thursday, plaintiffs’ lawyers showed Jones clips of his own show, confronting him with some of his Sandy Hook comments.

Using clips from his own show, plaintiffs’ attorneys tried to show how Jones recruited followers to help with his coverage.

“Matthew, closing comments, I just want to tell you, I really admire your, and you’re the kinda stand-up guy, you’re the kinda guy we need as an east coast reporter,” said Jones, in a clip.

But also how confront him with the lies he said, like calling families crisis actors and claiming their dead loved ones didn’t exist.

“No I said looked like Robbie Parker was acting.”

In court, Mattei played the on-camera statement by Robbie Parker, the father of one of the victims.

After playing it, Mattei went on the attack, and Jones matched it.

Things continued like this until court adjourned for the day.

Jones will return to the stand Friday, starting at 10 a.m.

Alex Jones takes stand in trial
Alex Jones takes stand in defamation case
Alex Jones took the stand for the first time Thursday in his defamation trial.
Alex Jones is expected to testify in his defamation trial that stemmed from his false comments about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.