Man set to complete hundredth race at Eversource Hartford Marathon

Man to reach milestone at Eversource Hartford Marathon
Published: Sep. 26, 2022 at 6:26 PM EDT
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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - The countdown to the Eversource Hartford Marathon is on.

Next Saturday, runners will gather in Hartford for the big race.

One man is slated to reach a major milestone on October 8.

Some will be running a full marathon, and others will be running a half marathon.

Both are incredible feats. For Brad Magyar, he’s slated to complete his hundredth half marathon in Hartford next Saturday!

Magyar wasn’t always a runner.

“I was about fifty pounds heavier and just got back from vacation and knew I had to do something,” Magyar said.

His friend pushed him to get outside and give running a shot.

“I started running with my best friend who lived next door so it was quite easy. We’d go out for a mile and it just, the first mile was horrible. But you build off of it and it just keeps getting better and better,” said Magyar.

Magyar was 38 at the time and only a few weeks after getting into running, he signed up for his first half marathon.

“Two months into running, I asked him about this thing called the Hartford Marathon and should we do it and he said we can run 8, we can run 13 so let’s sign up,” Magyar said.

He ran 13.1 miles.

“We finished under the arch and it was great and it was so much fun,” said Magyar.

Magyar fell in love with running half marathons. He ran his 50th in Italy and over the years his running has taken him to races in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Colorado and many more.

“I see the health benefits. That’s the most important. I’ve met so many friends, running friends,” Magyar said.

Come October 8, Magyar will complete his hundredth half marathon at the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.

“It’s the first, it’s the hundredth so. Its HMF, a great organization and I just figured I’m going to finish under the arch and have already started thinking about it and I’ll be the one crying under the arch when I’m done,” said Magyar.

An impressive feat for someone who started running later in life.

“I would just say try you know. You’re faster than your friend sitting on the couch,” Magyar said. “Do a couch to 5k, start off easy.”

Magyar is 54 years old and said he does not plan on stopping once he runs his hundredth half marathon.

“200, maybe? Maybe 250. We’ll see,” said Magyar.

We are just 12 days away from race day!

In addition to the marathon and half marathon, there’s also the 5k.

To learn more about the Eversource Hartford Marathon, click here.