Insurance companies prepare to handle claims, hurricane Ian

Tonight, we are taking a closer look at the hurricane and the potential damage homeowners and businesses will face.
Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 11:15 PM EDT
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HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) - Our team coverage on hurricane Ian continues.

Tonight, Channel 3 took a closer look at the hurricane and the potential damage homeowners and businesses will face.

Channel 3 spoke with insurance companies about how they handle claims related to natural disasters.

“This is what we work for and what we plan for all year round,” said Mary Nasenbenny, Chief Claims Officer of the Hartford.

Mary Nasenbenny is the Chief Claims Officer for the Hartford.

Over the last several days, the insurance company has been ramping up efforts to make sure customers who are in hurricane Ian’s path are prepared as much as they can be.

“We look at the swaths of the projected path of the hurricane and then we are able to predict sort of how many customers can be implicated,” said Nasenbenny.

More calls and inquiries have been coming in, and Mary says during times like these it’s especially important that customers understand their coverage.

“Think it’s really important that folks review their policies, homeowners are always thinking about what they need, what kind of protection they need,” said Nasenbenny.

Claims teams have also been busy at Travelers Insurance.

“It starts with our call centers and making sure that we have enough staff, enough resources in our call center to react,” said Jim Wucherpfennig, Vice President of Property Claims, Travelers.

Planning for the hurricane’s damage includes pre-communicating with customers. Travelers also has a national catastrophe command center.

“We continually monitor the weather, we’re aggregating millions of points of data, we’re looking at satellite imagery, geospatial information all so we can understand the potential exposure and stage the appropriate resources,” said Wucherpfennig.

Claim professionals and catastrophe resources are pre-staged in the Florida region in order to help customers quickly.

“They have a lot of tools that they use from drones that they fly to various platforms that help us with measurements and estimating,” said Wucherpfennig.

Insurance companies say anticipating issues is the best protection.

“We do unfortunately see some of the worst possible scenarios and recognize the importance of having the protection of insurance,” said Nasenbenny.