Taxes and government spending one of the most important issues for CT voters

CT voters talk about tax concerns
Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 5:55 PM EDT
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WEST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - We are on the road to Election Day.

This week Eyewitness News is traveling to different towns to hear what issues are most important when you decide who gets your vote.

Results of an exclusive poll by WFSB and our partners CT Insider reveal what’s at the top of the list.

Eyewitness News talked to voters in West Haven on Tuesday.

It seems no matter where you go, inflation and the cost of living are the most important issues.

When it comes to the second most important, it’s taxes and government spending.

“Actually I own a small business, and we also have a small child too, and taxes are obviously a big thing for me,” said Dan Preneta, of West Haven.

Preneta is careful on how he spends his money. Everything is more expensive these days.

It’s an election year and voters are hearing lots of promises from candidates.

An exclusive WFSB poll asked likely voters what the most important issues are when choosing a governor.

Inflation and the cost of living are number one, but a very close second is taxes and government spending.

The poll was conducted by the Polling Institute at Western New England University. Tim Vercellotti is the director.

“Some things we expected that the economy would be the top issue. Taxes and government spending coming in second though,” Vercellotti said. “This is a tried-and-true issue for Republican candidates.”

“Of course, the taxes in this town are very high, we complain but it won’t so any good,” said Deb Maru, of West Haven.

Government spending is a particularly sensitive issue in West Haven, where more than $1 million in COVID relief money was stolen by a state representative who worked for the city.

The state has now taken control of the city’s finances after Michael DiMassa, a state representative who worked for the city, was arrested for stealing more than $1 million in COVID relief money.

It’s also become an issue on the campaign trail in the gubernatorial race.

Governor Lamont said he called for an independent investigation, but Republican challenger Bob Stefanowski said the buck stops at the top.

People want more transparency when it comes to government spending.

“I want to see a little bit more on what’s going on with my own eyes instead of blindly paying into the system you know,” said Prenata.

“We want where the money is going. If taxes are high, they are high but if you could tell us where they are going, what they are used for,” Maru said.

CT voters focused on saving money as Election Day approaches