Lawmakers consider extending state’s gas tax holiday

State lawmakers consider extending gas tax holiday
Published: Oct. 11, 2022 at 6:06 PM EDT
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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - State lawmakers are considering extending the current gas tax suspension which is set to expire November 30.

Lawmakers on both sides need to reach an agreement and then there has to be a special session.

Right now, the state tax on gas is suspended. It’s a 25-cent savings.

Gas prices have been fluctuating but are not nearly as high as what we saw a few months ago.

Some believe the wholesale prices could be going up again, and that will impact quite a few people, especially now when inflation is so high.

Any time you talk about lowering gas prices, people like that.

“With everything going on it definitely would be helpful; I know myself I am a college student and gas is absurd. It’s crazy how much we are paying,” said Julia Passanisi, of Middletown.

Record high inflation with higher gas prices could impact quite a few people.

The owner of a shell station in West Hartford said it’s hard to know what’s coming.

“In the past one week, it went up in a couple three days it went up 30 cents. So gas prices you never know today they are down but tomorrow they could be jumping up 50 cents,” said Shan Rashid, gas station owner.

Republicans and Democrats in the general assembly said they are open to the idea of extending the gas tax suspension until the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30.

“Some people said why did you pick November 30th to begin with, I’ve heard that complaint to reiterate we were using numbers from non-partisan staff and OPM to try to determine the answer to the second prong which is the revenues in the STF,” said House Speaker Matt Ritter.

Republicans say the state has a record surplus and rainy-day fund and are pushing for some of that money to be used for reducing gas prices and more financial help for home heating oil this winter.

“Making sure that individuals can heat their home, these are seniors, the disabled, low-income kids in poverty. To make sure they have the heat that’s necessary to keep them warm,” said Sen. Kevin Kelly, Minority Leader.

The speaker said Congress recently gave Connecticut $20 million to help with heating costs and may give more.

As for gas prices, there seems to be a will but first they want to look at the numbers and then try to get lawmakers back in a special session.

Getting part-time legislators back to the capitol for a special session could be challenge given November’s election and many lawmakers campaigning.

Lawmakers consider extending gas tax holiday