New Haven already taking steps to prepare for potential impact of Tropical Storm Nicole

City of New Haven prepares for Tropical Storm Nicole
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 7:22 PM EST
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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Tropical Storm Nicole is already affecting parts of the Atlantic coast in Florida.

You can see on the left, a building which collapsed in Daytona Beach and several main roads are already under water in Fort Lauderdale.

While any potential impact in Connecticut would still be a few days out, some are already preparing.

Most people automatically think about the shoreline when you hear about a tropical storm and its remnants making its way up here.

The focus late Friday and early Saturday is more likely to be on poor drainage flooding. The real concern for everyone is the wind.

“You can’t even go down the street, they have to block it off with the cones and stuff,” said Gail Hudson of New Haven.

Calling the apartments across from New Haven’s Union Station home, Gail knows all about the flooding issues here whenever we see a lot of rain in a short period of time.

“The parking lot here, when it rains like that, all the cars get flooded out, can’t cross the street, ain’t nothing we can do about it,” Gail said.

With the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole expected to work its way up to Connecticut later this week with a chance for 1-2 inches of rain, the Elm City is on alert.

Inside New Haven’s Emergency Operations Center, where they’re watching the expected track of the storm, Rick Fontana says New Haven is already taking steps just in case.

“On Friday we’ll have the Department of Public Works will be out in anticipation of stronger winds,” said Fontana.

That includes having street sweepers out in the downtown and poor drainage areas to clean leaves from the storm drains.

They’ll also pre-position road closure signs and barricades in spots that typically flood, and the city could have additional tree crews on standby for late Friday as the gusty winds could be an issue.

While the Elm City said it will be taking steps, they say you can help out too.

“Now is the time because the leaves are coming down, it’s going to block gutters, it’s going to block drains, coming out of your house, so again, try to keep the water away from your home, make sure you’re down spouts are clear of leaves, if you have a couple of extra minutes, go out in front of your house, to make sure you storm sewer or drain is clear of leaves,” Fontana said.