UConn football is bowl eligible for the first time since 2015

UConn bowl eligible for the first time since 2015
Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 8:44 PM EST
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(WFSB) - There’s a whole lot of excitement building for UConn football fans.

The Huskies had a big win this weekend, making them bowl eligible for the first time since 2015.

The team is hopeful that the reward for all their hard work is a bowl game in December, but nothing is guaranteed.

The team has had a remarkable turnaround this season, boasting six wins.

To put that into perspective, in the last four seasons combined they had just seven wins.

UConn football is resurgent and looking at the bowl landscape, and certain things need to happen.

There are 41 bowl games from Boston to Honolulu and everywhere in between.

UConn has won six games this season. Six wins minimum is required.

UConn does not have conference affiliation in football, which could be an issue.

Bowls are tied to conferences. UConn needs to have a bowl with an open slot.

Bowl selection Sunday is December 4.

UConn Athletic Director David Benedict posted on social media today saying in part:

“Because of our status as an independent football program, it will be important to show our commitment and desire to support a bowl invitation.”

“As a part of our efforts if we show bowl organizers that UConn fans have committed to buy a significant number of tickets it will make our football team more attractive.”

Bowls have a minimum ticket allotment for participating schools. Schools must guarantee a certain amount sold.

You can sell to fans, alums or give to local charities in the city where the bowl is taking place.

Bowls have financial payouts. Schools sometimes have higher costs, bands, travel expenses, and more.

It’s a bit of a wait and see situation for a couple of weeks, however Head Coach Jim Mora couldn’t be prouder of his guys.

The bottom line is the team has done its job and earned things on the field.

The Huskies play at Army to close out the regular season on Saturday.