Money month: Making money from a side hustle

Making money from a side hustle
Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 9:09 PM EST
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(WFSB) - All month-long Eyewitness News is offering tips on how to save money.

In today’s tough economy people are always trying to find ways pick up extra money and it might involve using a talent you have.

Can you talk like a British person? Or perhaps speak like you’re from France. Or maybe you talk like you are from New York. Even with a neutral American accent, voiceover work is a popular side hustle.

Amanda Elgie from West Hartford is a voice over artist using a sound booth she made in her basement.

It’s a side hustle. She’s a wife, mother and an academic advisor at a college by day.

About eight months ago she got on the platform Fiverr.

“I started on Fiverr because Fiverr was a really kind of easy way to enter in to doing this kind of work. They have a really easy platform to use and that’s where I started to get my first jobs and then it kind of snowballed from there,” said Amanda.

Fiverr is a website that connects freelancers in more than 500 categories of service with companies around the world.

Gali Arnon is the Chief Marketing Officer for Fiverr.

“It is available in services like digital marketing programming and tech, writing and translation, voice over, music,” said Gali. “It allows businesses to actually purchase digital services in the same way and the same ease of use like they are buying products on Amazon.”

Freelancers post their specialty and companies hire them.

Prices are set for the job. Fiverr handles you getting paid. It’s free to join, but Fiverr takes a 20-percent cut of each project.

“The first couple of months on the platform, ya know I made a few hundred dollars from little jobs. And kind of as it got more and more there are months where I make a couple thousand dollars,” said Amanda.

Fiverr is one of many freelancer hiring platforms. Another popular one is Upwork.

“Having worked in the field off of the platform for many years. I just got on in 2018, and I use it as my main gig now,” said Paul E., Graphic Designer.

Paul from Torrington is a freelance graphic designer who works full time from home using Upwork.

“It was a side kind of hustle because I had a lot of clients, but now basically I’m using the platform as my main source of income,” said Paul.

Studies show 40-percent of Americans have a side hustle.

Many, like Amanda, hope to eventually turn their hobby into full time work.

“I think it’s a way to keep your day job, but kind of I think dipping your toe in is a good way to put it. Because you get the opportunity to see is this something I really want to do, is this something that is a passion of mine. Can I make money doing this? And you have the opportunity to kind of figure that out when you start out,” said Amanda.

A win-win way of testing the waters and earning extra cash at the same time.