Lawmakers plan special session to focus on relief

Lawmakers to focus on relief at special session
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 5:19 PM EST
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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Lawmakers are planning to have a special session one week from today.

There are a few things on the agenda, including extending the gas tax suspension and more funding to help with home heating this winter.

This could be a tough winter for many families.

The state gas tax has been suspended to give some financial relief. The House Speaker said the plan is to keep it suspended for another month and gradually add the tax back in.

“We will extend the full 25-cent holiday until the new year and then we will begin to phase down the holiday cut by 5-cents, for months,” said Rep. Matt Ritter.

In addition to the gas tax, Democrats want to add $30 million more to LIHEAP, a home energy assistance program for low-income families.

Republicans agree relief is needed but say given the state’s strong fiscal situation we should suspend the gas tax longer and put more money into heating assistance.

“We can help the middle class, people who are working get to work and fill their car up with gas and we can also help people heat their homes,” said. Sen. Kevin Kelly, Minority Leader.

Also on the agenda for next Monday’s special session is more free bus service.

There will also be a push to add more funding to the pandemic pay program.

Eyewitness News learned last week that the fund was running out mainly because more people applied than expected.

The gas tax could be suspended until January 1, more money for home heating assistance, free bus service until April 1, and $90 million into the pandemic pay program.

The bonuses promised to those private sector workers may not be as generous.

If you earn less than $100,000 the bonus will be close to $1000, but less for those earning more.

Lawmakers to hold special session next week