Putting your crafting skills to the test could mean extra cash in your pockets

Making money with crafting
Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 7:50 PM EST
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(WFSB) - Eyewitness News is offering you ideas on how to put some extra cash in your pockets.

How about selling those random antiques you have laying around or putting your crafty skills to the test?

Tis the season to make and sell.

Waterbury native Jeffrey Padua brings in extra money through beautiful masterpieces he creates.

“During Christmas time people want to feel good or they are thinking of their hometown. Good memories. Pets that they have lost. Family members that have passed. So from that people reach out and say hey can you do this?” said Jeffrey.

Jeffrey has been lasering and carving ornaments for two years now. He calls it his holiday hustle.

After he finishes up his full-time job, he goes home and puts his crafty skills into play.

“Every extra dollar certainly helps with things being more expensive these days. I can tell you it does help me buy Christmas gifts. So it helps lessen the blow for shopping for the holidays,” Jeffrey said.

This one was for a Waterbury resident. This other one honors the Bristol Police Department.

In the past two years he’s sold over 2,000 ornaments.

If your passion is to create, then give your passion a shot.

Experts say you can also sell items laying around your home, like furniture or house decorations.

Like Jeffrey Padua, Daniella Flores, founder of iliketodabble.com, has success selling items on Facebook Marketplace.

“I like Facebook Marketplace because there is an option to sell item in person locally to your neighborhood or community in your radius or you can sell them online and you can ship those items,” said Daniella.

Financial expert Kim Palmer of NerdWallet said Facebook marketplace is a great way to sell things like furniture and decorations. But there are other options.

“If you are selling something creative or homemade maybe you are artistic and you made something Etsy is a great website to sell items on,” said Kim.

At times you will have to negotiate since shoppers are trying to find the best price.

When it’s time to ship, use discount websites like Shippo. They have deals with multiple carriers.

If you plan to meet up in person for your transaction, a police department is the safest location to do so.

“If you actually enjoy it do it. Throw enough stuff in the wall eventually something will stick and you will be surprised if you tap into that desire what can come,” said Jeffrey.