Loved ones welcome home USS Newport News crew members after deployment

Submarine homecoming in Groton
Published: Jan. 3, 2023 at 5:33 PM EST
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GROTON, CT (WFSB) - It was an emotional day in Groton as more than 100 crew members were welcomed home after being deployed on the submarine USS Newport News for months.

Many wives, kids and parents had so many emotions, anxious to see their loved ones.

Families lined the docks at the naval submarine base awaiting the arrival of USS Newport News.

Some were holding signs while others screamed in joy.

The crew of Newport News executed the Chief of Naval Operations’ maritime strategy, supporting national security interests and maritime security operations during their six months at sea.

The submarine came in around 2 p.m.

Two families were selected to see their loved ones first with a first hug and a first kiss, then the gates opened for all families to be reunited.

Crew members each held red flowers to give to their loved ones. In particular, it can be hard to be deployed on submarines since communication is very limited.

“Submarines are really unique because submarines unlike regular ships in the Navy don’t have regular communication back home that they really can’t email back to their families very often can’t call back to their families,” said Lieutenant Commander Seth Koenig.

“It’s been nice every time I get an email from him but we went through a time where I didn’t really hear from him at all so him coming home is exciting,” said Hannah Clark.

Hannah and her husband Daniel shared a first kiss in front of the USS Newport News after he was deployed for six months.

They had their baby girl a month before he was deployed.

“She looks a lot different now since I left,” said Daniel.

The dock was filled with families anxious to see their loved ones as the submarine inched closer.

USS Newport News homecoming