CT lawmakers propose solution to high energy costs

CT lawmakers address energy price concerns
Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 7:49 PM EST
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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Connecticut House and Senate Republicans claim they have the solution to address the high energy costs everyone is seeing.

According to their proposal, the average household could save over $210 next year.

Republicans say Connecticut is one of the most unaffordable states to live in and the one with the highest energy costs. They claim to have a fix.

Your energy bill is a lot higher. Energy companies blame Russia’s war in Ukraine. But Republicans say lawmakers need to do something.

“The two overarching goals of this plan are first to reduce cost for consumers expand reliable and affordable generation of electricity. The second part main goal of the plan is to strengthen oversight of our utilities in order to protect ratepayers,” said Sen. Ryan Fazio, ranking member of the Energy and Technology Committee.

Republicans said part of their plan is to diversify and add more energy suppliers. They want to add the use of nuclear energy and use more hydro energy.

“We are worried about bringing in from Canada. We have incredible sources here, it’s something we should be looking into as well. Procreating our own hydro on the Connecticut River, Housatonic River, wherever that may be. That we can do it in a safe way for the environment but we can utilize our own resources to do so,” said Rep. Bill Buckbee, House Ranking member of the Energy and Technology Committee.

Republicans also want to take out some of the charges on your bill and have the state fund it through the annual budget.

“First to migrate the costs embedded in our electricity bills from public policy decisions and charges and roll some of those back. Put them into the normal legislative process,” Fazio said.

Democrats said they are open to discussing these plans and understand lawmakers need to do something.

One thing Democrats said doesn’t make sense to them is to take out charges and add them to the budget. Democrats said people will still have to pay for them, and this funding could face cuts on a regular basis.