Snow removal businesses gear up for winter weather

Snow removal businesses gear up for snow
Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 6:14 PM EST
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CROMWELL, CT (WFSB) - A lot of preparation goes into making sure snow removal contractors can get the job done efficiently.

It has been a busy day for crews at Mountain View Landscape.

A lot of planning and coordination goes into snow removal efforts.

From routine checkups on trucks to pretreating surfaces, it has been a busy day for snow removal companies like Mountain View Landscape in Cromwell.

“We like to make sure we’re prepared for any type of event because we live in New England and the weather can change at any time,” said TJ Iacobucci, Director of Sales and Operations at Mountain View Landscape.

The preparation for the snow begins well before the first flakes fall.

“In the event of getting our equipment together, we have to go through our sanders, make sure our chains are tight, greasing the sanders. Last thing we want is when we’re out on a site, our sanders break,” Iacobucci said.

Crews spent the day salting sidewalks and parking lots and assessing properties before the snowfall.

“All of our sites are getting eyes looked at it, walkways, sidewalks, staircases, parking lots, handicapped spots before the events come in,” said Donovan Fahey, Operations Manager at Mountain View Landscape.

So far this winter we haven’t had much snow in Connecticut.

“It’s a win and a lose. We anticipate for snow and we want snow,” Fahey said.

When there isn’t snow, snow removal contractors like Mountain View Landscape are doing what they can to keep their crews working.

“So right now, we’re taking on these smaller jobs that we pushed off in the past and said we don’t really want to do that. But now we’re going to take them on to keep our guys working and make sure we can keep them fed,” said Fahey.

If you do see crews out on the roads, give them plenty of room so that they can safely do their job.