Police investigate purse snatchings at local shopping plazas

Published: Jan. 30, 2023 at 2:16 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 31, 2023 at 7:54 AM EST
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SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) – Police in Southington and Wallingford are investigating multiple purse snatching cases.

Police in both towns said both attacks involved female victims outside of shopping plazas.

A 71-year-old woman walked from the parking lot toward Walmart in Southington on Monday afternoon when she was approached by a suspect who drove a stolen white Nissan Altima with Rhode Island plates.

The suspect got away with the purse in that case.

Another purse snatching occurred two days earlier in broad daylight at the Stop & Shop in Wallingford.

A stolen white BMW was seen circling the parking lot at the Wallingford supermarket on Sunday. A short time later, a passenger exited the vehicle and ran toward that victim.

Police said the suspect snatched the unsuspecting victim’s purse. She chased the suspects’ vehicle and was dragged for a short time.

The man in the vehicle got out again and knocks her to the ground, police said.

The woman was able to recover the purse. She was seen hiding between cars from the suspects when they returned to look for her.

Police said that both women fought their attackers, but that’s not recommended.

Lt. Keith Egan from Southington police said that it’s best to put some distance between yourself and your belongings.

“Understandably it’s your personal property. We totally understand that,” Egan said. “But there is always a chance you can be injured by falling on the ground, or getting hit by the car, and these suspects are pretty determined. So, its not worth your life to get your personal belongings back.”

Both women were said to be are okay and not seriously hurt.

Egan shared some tips for anyone who might unfortunately fall victim to an attack.

“If the suspects are going for your purse and they are reaching for it, throw it a distance away so that you can get away,” he said. “Same thing if you are getting car jacked. Throw your keys or your fob in the opposite direction. So you can get yourself to safety.”

Police continue to search for the suspects involved in the attacks.

Anyone with information on the vehicles or suspects was asked to call Southington police at 860-621-0101 or Wallingford police at 203-294-2800.