Local triathlete and event director John Bysiewicz on the road to recovery after bike accident

Local athlete and race director on the road to recovery after bike accident
Published: Jan. 30, 2023 at 8:21 PM EST
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(WFSB) - This is John Bysiewicz’s toughest challenge: rehab.

“I’m starting to learn to walk,” said John.

It’s difficult. Even taking one step can be grueling.

But it’s a marathon, not a sprint for John.

A runner, triathlete and event director, John is the face of racing in New Haven County.

If you’ve run in it, chances are John and his company JB Sports have organized it.

“Probably close to a thousand events in the 35 years,” said John.

In November, John was biking in Guilford.

“I don’t remember getting hit,” John said.

A driver came from the opposite direction and hit him. John was thrown into a ditch in a field.

The driver never stopped but was later arrested.

“A person swerved into the lane I was in and hit me,” John said.

Shortly after John was hit, a man drove by. He didn’t see John but he did see John’s bike bag and cell phone in the road.

The man kept driving. A half mile later realized that was kind of odd. The man turned around, started looking around and the good Samaritan found the bike, John and called 911.

“Very serious injury I was very lucky to be alive,” John said.

Doctors told his wife she needed to make a heartbreaking decision to save John’s life.

“Three days later I realized I lost part of my left leg and my left foot,” said John.

John has been rehabbing at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford for two months.

He was getting used to a prosthetic and working with Nurse Practioner Frank Wendt.

“He’s very motivated,” Frank said. “He’s got a fantastic attitude towards his progress.”

The family support has been constant, including from his big sister, Connecticut’s Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz.

“Our family is so grateful to Niko Knuttel of Guilford,” said Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz. “I think was the key to saving my brother’s life.”

The good Samaritan, Niko Knuttel of Guilford, has been in touch with John’s family.

“I’d like to thank him because without I don’t know if I’m here right so I’m greatly indebted to him,” John said.

Life changing injuries won’t stop John from his passions much longer.

“I’d like to be back on a bike in a few months. I’d like to be swimming in a few months,” said John. “I need to think positive thoughts and think about what I need to do to get a little bit better every day.”