Soak up the sun and get rid of that electric bill for good

Soak up the sun and get rid of that electric bill for good
Soak up the sun and get rid of that electric bill for good
Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 7:24 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 7, 2023 at 9:49 AM EST
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NORTHFIELD, CT (WFSB) - It’s no secret that everyone is paying more for energy this winter season.

Homeowner Kristina Ferrari of Northfield said her electric bill has increased way too much.

“It’s been going up,” said Ferrari. “It’s been getting a little outrageous.” She made the call to switch to solar panels because enough is enough and there’s uncertainty whether prices will continue to increase.

Ferrari said, “basically, your electric bill is going to keep going up.” Inflation is sending energy costs through the roof making the switch to solar a great option to save money.

The owner of Ion Solar Pros in Connecticut, Bill Barrieau, said that because of rising energy costs, business is booming.

Barrieau said, “the three main factors contributing to a lot of growth and demand in the industry is predictability, control, and savings.”

There are a few things to be considered before making the switch to solar according to Solar Expert Dr. Alexander Agrios.

Dr. Agrios is a UConn professor who said, “first you need roof space. You need a roof with enough area to put panels on which also means a roof that doesn’t have a lot of things poking up out of it.”

The inclination of the roof is also key in addition to needing enough panels to cover your power needs.

“It doesn’t make sense to put up panels to generate more electricity than you are using,” Dr. Agrios said. So far the idea of solar panels is a great compared to the standard electric bill, but the biggest question is how to afford it?

The upfront cost can be a deterrent to solar panels. If you buy them out right, experts say the average system cost $20k and can take 7 to 10-years, if not longer to pay off.

According to Andy Belden the Eversource VP Solar Programs, people can rent panels from most solar companies.

Belden said, “you can have a company lease those panels to you and purchase the power off those panels called a power purchase agreement.”

Overall, the saving varies. The higher the bill, the more likely you will benefit from switching.

If renting solar panels, it’s possible to save as much as $120 a month or $14 hundred a year according to the NerdWallet.

Eversource is reminding the public that before buying the solar panels, make sure to do the research.

“What we really encourage people to think about is, this is a home improvement project,” said Belden. “While someone may come up to you with a good deal for solar panels, it really makes sense to shop around.”

Kristina Ferrari is firm in her choice. Her panels should be on and working in a few weeks.

By then, Ferrari will be able to soak up the sun and save some money