How a couple of closers, Rob and Jonna Dibble, found love

All week long we’re focusing on finding love.
Published: Feb. 14, 2023 at 8:08 PM EST
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MIDDLEBURY, CT (WFSB) - All week long we’re focusing on finding love.

On this Valentine’s Day love is in the air.

Our own married couple Roger Susanin and Stephanie Simoni are here now sharing stories of noteworthy local couples who found love.

Eyewitness News is celebrating by introducing you to three well known couples and telling you how they met.

We begin with a couple of closers, Rob and Jonna Dibble of Middlebury.

Rob Dibble is proud of his NLCS MVP trophy and 1990 World Series replica.

But it’s a very different kind of award that really makes the former MLB star relief pitcher and sportscaster beam.

“This is what I’m most proud of right here, my wife’s awards,” Rob said.

Before Rob and Jonna shared this mantle, they had to meet.

Jonna was teaching 5th grade in Naugatuck and needed a celebrity to read to her class.

“I had asked my best friend who worked at ESPN if she knew anyone and first person that came to mind is Rob. She said Rob will do it,” said Jonna.

“Listen, she was adorable. She had a white shirt on. Never forget it and I was like damn. She’s stunning, but I wasn’t thinking if I should be hitting on her. She’s the teacher,” said Rob.

“All the girls in my class were like he’s really cute you should go out with him, So that was their advice to me,” Jonna said. “My girls were trying to fix me up with a lot of people at that point, but when he walked in they were like this is the one. this is the one for you.”

Even though Rob was the big time former pro athlete, Jonna made the next big play.

“As a thank you for coming, I said I would like to take you out to dinner. I said that,” said Jonna.

The pair started dating. Within six months, Jonna moved twice with Rob so he could build his successful broadcasting career. First to D.C., then Los Angeles.

Once they had their daughter Coco, they knew it was time to return home to Connecticut.

Jonna is now a real estate agent based in her hometown of Middlebury, and the awards on the mantle prove they both come through in the clutch.

These days they are toasting their success.

They even run a baseball camp together and of course their most important teamwork is raising their beautiful daughter. Married 17 years, they know the winning formula.

“Not to embarrass her, she’s my best friend. She, everyday makes me laugh. I mean waking up we do the goofiest things together,” Rob said.

“Your spouse should be the person you turn to, good or bad like if I’m upset about something he’s the first person that I call,” said Jonna.