Talking to a couple who found love again

What you can do right now to get ready for a second chance at love.
Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 10:26 PM EST
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HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) - On the day after Valentine’s, we are giving hope to those who may have loved before and want another shot.

A couple who found love again and some experts tell you what you can do right now to get ready for a second chance at love.

Larry and Persephone Hall say they are more in love today than when they married 18 years ago.

They got married in 2004 in front of family and friends, and admit it was a journey to get to where they are now.

Both of them were married to other people before.

“I think divorce helped me look in the mirror really -- what is it that I need and want”, said Persephone Hall.

“I had a healing process were you attempt to reassess, re-evaluate, where did I go wrong, why me”, said Larry Hall.

Experts say that loving yourself is one of the key steps to finding a second chance at love.

“We all have a private bully living inside of us. We need to be mindful our thoughts are not facts”, said Dr. Jenny Taitz, a clinical psychologist at UCLA.

Taitz is also the author of “How to be Single and Happy”.

She says just face what you fear: “So, if it’s really hard to get back out there after a long relationship ended, know that even if the first date isn’t your true love, that’s a step forward”.

Experts say also give yourself time to heal.

“My goal is to change the way people see divorce, so it doesn’t have to be a sad shameful ending”, said Sylvia Guinan, author of “The Richness of Divorce”.

She says a failed relationship does not mean you are a failure.

“Some of the most painful situations, really give us the most amount of growth. After we do that growth and we do the work, we really can find happiness”, said Guinan.

They say pain is part of progress.

“When you are hurting, a lot of times, you don’t want to experience that pain again”, said Larry Hall.

Larry and Persephone Hall are living proof the second time around, true love can surely be found.