Student at CCSU accused of watching female students shower

A Central Connecticut State University student is accused of watching other students shower on campus.
Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 4:57 PM EST|Updated: Mar. 7, 2023 at 11:33 PM EST
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NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) – A Central Connecticut State University student is accused of watching other students shower on campus.

On January 17, CCSU police said two women on the school’s swim team noticed 25-year-old Matthew Nieves watch them shower.

He is a CCSU student who lives on campus.

According to a campus police arrest warrant, one of the women noticed Nieves peeking through a small door opening.

She made eye contact with Nieves, screamed and immediately told her coach.

Police said the coach searched the area and took photos of a suspicious man outside of Kaiser Hall. The photos matched the woman’s description of Nieves.

The hall Nieves was in, is the main athletic facility on campus.

CCSU track and field athlete Kalesha Darisme uses the same locker room where Nieves saw the women showering.

“It’s very open so it’s a little scary to hear of another guy in there,” said Darisme.

According to the warrant, when Nieves spoke with police, he said he accidentally went into the locker room.

He knew he was on the women’s side of Kaiser Hall but didn’t know he was in the women’s locker room.

Darisme said she’s in that building quite often and Nieves’ story doesn’t add up.

“Is it easy to get lost in that building?” Eyewitness News asked.

“No it’s not, it’s really not. It says women’s locker room on that building and there’s a door then another door to get into it and it says women’s locker room and there’s a lot of other women’s stuff in there so you can’t really stumble into there,” Darisme said.

The warrant said that one of the doors Nieves opened labeled “Women’s Varsity Suite” gives a clear view of the shower area.

Police said that by viewing campus surveillance, they realized Nieves was aware of his location and that his actions did not indicate he was lost or could not find his way out.

He’s now being charged with voyeurism and criminal trespassing.

“As a woman there’s a lot of things that we feel we need that we have to keep private. I wouldn’t want that done to me, my friends or anyone, it’s weird its creepy,” said Michelle Angeles, CCSU junior.

Campus police said Nieves did not have any photos or videos of the women on his phone.

Eyewitness News left messages for CCSU to find out if Nieves is still a student, but we have not heard back.

You can read Nieves’ arrest arrant below:

CCSU voyeurism arrest
CCSU student arrested for voyeurism