Beacon Paws kennel operator facing new animal cruelty charges

New charges for Beacon Falls kennel operator
Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 6:23 PM EDT
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BEACON FALLS, CT (WFSB) - A Beacon Paws kennel operator is again facing charges for animal cruelty. George Meder was re-arrested Monday March 20th. The new charges come after an I-team investigation.

When the I-team’s first report aired in January, the I-team knew of 5 complaints with the state of a dog either dying or being injured at the Beacon Paws kennel. A viewer saw the report and realized the state needed to know about his dog, Luna, too.

Luna is a shepherd mix with a lot of energy. When the I-team met her Tuesday, you couldn’t tell she was severely injured just a few months ago.

Luna and her sister, Jade, were boarded at the Beacon Paws kennel over Christmas break. When their owner Michael Knox took them home, he quickly realized something was wrong.

“Luna didn’t seem herself on the car ride home,” said Knox. “When I pet her, I felt her neck was wet. I looked down and my hand was covered in blood.”

Knox didn’t know what had happened. He was focused on getting Luna to the vet, but then Knox saw the I-teams report about Arty.

Arty died at Beacon Paws about a week after Luna’s injuries. Court records say Arty and Luna both had puncture wounds that appeared to be from another dog.

Kennel Operator George Meder is accused of failing to give both dogs proper care. Meder was in court for Arty’s case in February, charged with animal cruelty.

The I-team asked he and his attorney for comment after the hearing. They declined to comment.

Meder was re-arrested Monday on an additional charge of animal cruelty for Luna’s case.

The arrest warrant says Meder told investigators that Luna was wet “because he sprays them with a cleaning solution so that dogs smell better and are clean to the touch.”

When the I-team went to Beacon Paws on Tuesday March 21st, it was still open. An employee told the I-team George Meder wasn’t there. When the I-team tried going to Meder’s home, he was seen driving off in his truck.

Meder is due back in court for Arty’s case on April 3rd. He is due in court for Luna’s case on April 17th.