UConn players profit off merch sales as tournament runs continue

UConn players can profit off name, image and likeness
Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 7:52 PM EDT
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STORRS, CT (WFSB) - Even though UConn men’s basketball is in Las Vegas and the women are in Seattle, the players are still making some money today on campus.

They can profit off their name, image and likeness.

Jerseys are flying off the rack at the bookstore.

Donna Aleszczyk has been working at UConn for 40 years.

She’s in charge of hanging up Husky gear at the bookstore, including name image and likeness basketball jerseys, which have been selling like candy bars lately.

“Hawkins flew out of here in two days,” said Aleszczyk, UConn merchandise coordinator.

No surprise there. Jordan Hawkins has been shining in the NCAA Tournament.

“They’re really good and people want to get it for their kids and wear it to the games,” Aleszczyk said.

They have several jerseys at the bookstore with last names on the back: Paige Bueckers, Joey Calcaterra, Donovan Clingan.

All of the jerseys are $100. If a student or fan comes down and buys one, the players will get a percentage.

Superfan Joe Schiavone is looking for a new jersey before the Elite Eight matchup with Gonzaga.

“They deserve it. Definitely the way they play and go out and represent themselves every day. It’s definitely something they should earn,” Joe Schiavone said.

But international players like star big man Adama Sanogo face obstacles.

They aren’t allowed to earn certain NIL income because of visa regulations.

Sanogo is from Mali in west Africa.

No endorsement deals while he’s on a student visa. He can earn money from UConn gear with his name on it, either from the campus bookstore or the online NIL store.

But the major money comes from brand deals. Paige Bueckers is making thousands with Gatorade and Cash App.

Players will earn a few bucks from every jersey sale.

“I think the players bring in a lot of money to the school and they deserve everything they get and I know a lot of students on campus will be interested in that NIL gear,” said Liam Wilson, UConn junior.