Great Kids: Cub Scouts lead by example, collect 17,000lbs of food

Cub Scouts give back to the community
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 5:13 PM EDT
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EAST WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) - Cub Master Manny Jacques from East Windsor showcased just how much his cub scout pack helped to give back to the community.

Each fall, Pack 89 helped orchestrate a massive food drive. And this year, it exceeded expectations.

At a monthly pack meeting, Cub Scout Pack 89 of East Windsor built miniature pin-ball machines from a DIY kit.

In the past year, this group has also built quite the reputation.

Jacques said, “they blew it out of the water.”

In giving back to their community, they took part in an annual food donation drive.

Jacques reached out to Channel 3 because he wanted the kids’ hard work to be recognized.

The scouts went door-to-door passing out flyers.

They later collected food and personal hygiene items for the local food pantry.

“I was actually expecting it to be around 8 and 10-thousand pounds this year, with the rising cost of everything,” said Jacques.

However, the results of the donation drive id way better than that.

Jacques said, “this past fall, we did 17,200 pounds this year.”

Cub Scouts, Avery Ladley and Angel Walton, remember the stacks of food donations all too well.

Avery said, “There were bags of food, like cans and rice and all of that.”

Avery and Angelo said they weren’t surprised at the tons of food they ended up getting.

Angelo said, “around this area we have a lot of cans, and we covered a lot of areas.”

The Cub Scouts are excited to do it again next fall as part of their duty.

Avery said, “obedient, cheer, and brave.”

They worked to show these values along with a commitment to serve.

Angel said, “it’s good to help other people because if you do that other people will want to join.”