UConn fans find ways to save on trip to Houston

UConn students trying to get to Final Four in Houston
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 5:47 PM EDT
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STORRS, CT (WFSB) - The road to a championship continues for UConn.

The men’s basketball team leaves for the Final Four Wednesday.

Hundreds of UConn students will be in Houston too, if they can get there.

If you add up the tickets the flights and the hotel room, it’s an expensive trip.

But students are getting creative to try and save some cash. They’re getting some help too.

The NCAA allocated 700 tickets for UConn students.

The school sent them out to the upperclassmen that attended the most home games this season.

Those tickets are $40 and close to the court, as opposed to hundreds of dollars for nosebleeds.

If UConn makes it to the championship Monday, those students go for free.

The school said Tuesday it will not be helping students with flights and rooms.

Some students are thinking creatively.

“We’ve been to almost every home game this season. We thought we had potential. And going into the tournament we decided hey if we make the Final Four regardless how much it is we’re seniors, we’re going to go,” said Don Shaffer, UConn senior.

Shaffer and a group of four friends are part of the 700. They’re splitting an Airbnb and flying out Friday.

The whole is trip costing them $500 each.

“To see us make it this far is an astonishing feeling. And then being able to attend the Final Four in person and be able to sit so close to the court it’s a college dream come true,” Shaffer said.

“Everything’s paid I’m ready to go I just have to pack. I was just in Vegas I have to repack but I’m ready,” said Jordan Rosenthal, UConn junior.

Rosenthal doesn’t have to pay a dime to go to Houston.

He’s a sports reporter for UCTV, the campus television station.

Rosenthal is credentialed for press row. The school is paying for the trip.

“It’s really an incredible experience,” Rosenthal said.

Other students are finding creative ways to get to and sleep in Houston without breaking the bank.

Patrick Goode is in the TKE fraternity. He made a couple calls and pulled some strings.

“We actually reached out to our fraternity chapter in Houston they said we could stay there so our lodging is covered there,” Goode said.

“We are very fortunate we booked early and we’re going to enjoy it,” Shaffer said.

Most of the students are flying out Friday.

The team is leaving for Houston Wednesday afternoon. There will be a Final Four sendoff on campus at 4 p.m.

UConn has a big fanbase and travels well.

Husky nation will be in Houston as UConn faces Miami on Saturday.