Bristol mother inspired by son with autism writes his story

Bristol mother writes book about son with autism
Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 5:13 PM EDT
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BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) - A Bristol mother recently became a published author sharing her experience with a son with autism.

She mentioned that reading was always important in their house, and Ramos was then inspired by her son Lincoln.

Ramos said, “Lincoln being my last baby. I was like, I want something to have for the kids.”

Melissa Ramos wrote “I Am Lincoln,” but before that never considered herself a writer.

In just a matter of weeks, she wrote and published a handful of books.

“I love waiting for the school bus outside the front door,” said Lincoln.

“I Am Lincoln” brought readers through Lincoln’s morning routine all the way to getting onto the school bus.

“Mommy brings me to my seat gives me a kiss and says I love you,” said Lincoln

“This book is what Lincoln does daily in the morning,” Ramos said. “It’s him going to school and him coming home and then taking a bath, getting ready for bed, everything he does on a daily basis.”

It’s a routine that some parents of special needs children may relate to.

“I wanted to like, inspire others, you know, like you’re not the only one with a special needs child,” said Ramos.

Lincoln was diagnosed with autism at 1-years old.

“He was walking and then started like waddling and flapping his hands and moving his hands weird, so I knew something was up,” said Ramos.

Ramos said Lincoln was born with a birth defect called Cranial Cystinosis.

This defect was described as where bones overlap one another.

“The doctor did say that it would be like a neurological problem,” said Ramos. “Like he could have autism.”

Instead of seeing Lincoln’s autism diagnosis as a condition, Ramos and her husband treat it as a gift.

This collection that Ramos published is just the beginning chapters.

Ramos said, “there is a book coming up, and it’s about my oldest and Lincoln and him having the surgery craniosynostosis.”

To buy Melissa’s children’s book, go HERE.

Scott Rosado at Primo Press will be purchasing all 5 books to donate to the local elementary schools, as well as Bristol Boys and Girls Club.

On June 28, the Bristol Blues will hold an Autism Night. Ramos will be signing books and Lincoln will throw out the first pitch!