Measures to take when dealing with allergies

Measures to take when dealing with allergies
Published: Apr. 10, 2023 at 7:50 PM EDT
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(WFSB) - Allergy season has ramped up the past couple of weeks.

So many people suffer this time of year from high tree pollen.

Dr. An told Eyewitness News about 30-percent of people have pollen allergies but there are many measures you can take to help.

Olivia Degman is five years old and it’s been a tough spring for her allergies so far.

“As the weather gets nice and the pollen does fall we tend to cough a lot, sneeze a lot and things like that, we wanted to make sure she’s ok and has everything she needs,” said Olivia and Ryan Degman.

Olivia and her dad Ryan went to see Dr. Wei An, Allergist at Connecticut Allergy and Asthma Center in Hamden.

“This is typically when trees start to pollenate and the allergen is actually in the pollen grain,” An said. “This is the time when they travel hundreds of miles all across the state that’s when allergy sufferers have a lot of nasal symptoms: itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose and each year unfortunately it gets worse.”

An said allergies get worse every year.

“Each year you’ll notice my eyes are more swollen shut, it’s more red, it’s more itchy, more congested-now I can’t have my windows open at all,” said An.

It can get pretty serious.

“A lot of kids have to miss school because a severe eye symptom usually is the biggest complaint, people have to wear goggles to block all the pollens in some cases it could be swollen in the morning so it really could affect someone at work and school,” An said.

You can take over the counter allergy medications, nasal spray and other measures.

“Also changing clothes as soon as you get home, wash your hair as soon as you get home hair is actually a big pollen collector, so a lot of times when people get inside their house and wash their hair they’ll wash off the pollen so that makes a big difference as well,” said An.

It’s all about keeping allergies at bay while enjoying this beautiful weather.

“We’re looking forward to getting outside and playing outside and doing more things like that,” said Olivia and Ryan.

Alder, maple, cedar, and juniper trees are all in bloom.

An said tree pollen doesn’t completely wind down until mid-June, then there is grass pollen in summer, and ragweed in the fall.

Spring allergy season