Lawmakers faced with tough decisions on state budget

State budget and higher education spending
Published: Apr. 27, 2023 at 5:35 PM EDT
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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Lawmakers are faced with making tough decisions on the state budget.

Tax cuts are still on the table, but the question is how much money will go to education, nonprofits and many others.

Everybody seems to be on board with the tax cuts.

But there must be an agreement on who gets a tax cut and how much. The more money that’s used for tax cuts could mean less money for other things.

Lawmakers were back in session to vote on nominations.

Also at the State Capitol were non-profits, educators and several other groups all lobbying for increased funding.

UConn’s president said there will be tuition increases if the budget doesn’t include more money for them.

This week, Central Connecticut State University and the state college system urged the governor and lawmakers to give them what they need to avoid making cuts.

“We probably at some point will sit down with both the executive branch and Republican counterparts and figure out ok, what are the things we want to fund. I heard in the appropriations committee one of the most important things they want to fund are nonprofits,” said Rep. Matt Ritter (D-House Speaker).

Nonprofits are also in need, and those free school lunches put in place during the pandemic are not in either budget.

Due to the state’s surplus, there is money for tax cuts. Governor Ned Lamont and lawmakers said that’s a priority. Republicans are critical about education funding.

“The higher ed system has not provided a viable alternative to how we right size their system. all they have ever asked for is more and more money and eventually that pot of gold is going to run out,” said Rep. Vinnie Candelora (R-Minority Leader).

Republicans said they will release their budget sometime next week. They plan to include tax cuts as well.

There are also several bills that need to be voted on, such as new gun laws and access to women’s reproductive healthcare.

Lawmakers work to agree on state budget