Fairfield mom’s blog ‘At Charlotte’s House’ focuses on construction and creativity

Construction and creativity 'At Charlotte's House'
Published: May. 4, 2023 at 6:18 PM EDT
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FAIRFIELD, CT (WFSB) - It’s mom influencer week at Channel 3, and Thursday we’re headed to Fairfield, “At Charlotte’s House.”

That’s the name of one mom’s blog, which started with crafts, and elevated to power tools!

Eyewitness News caught up with Charlotte Smith.

At Charlotte’s house they don’t shy away from color or construction.

But before she branded herself a do-it-yourself queen, she had to earn that crown.

“How did you get your start?” Eyewitness News asked.

“I used to be a school counselor in New York City and when we moved to Connecticut that went away I needed something,” Charlotte said.

That was in 2012. She had five children and started with crafts.

As her kids got older, Charlotte got bolder. She documented every step of the way on YouTube and social media.

“I’ve just gotten braver and more confident with every project and that’s really fun,” said Charlotte. “I love to create spaces where I am doing things on my own. I love to share that with my audience. I like to save a penny so doing things myself is a big part of that.”

“Now, did you have any viral moments or was it slow and steady growth?” Eyewitness News asked.

“I did have one reel that did go big,” said Charlotte.

She said this video of the vanity project doubled her following in a single day.

“Listen if I knew what it was about this then I would have more viral moments. This was an old dresser that I added the sink to,” Charlotte said. “I feel like a lot of influencers go into trying to make money, so how does it feel now that you are? It’s something I’m really proud of to be honest.”

With every click, she can earn money through ads and teaming up with brands.

“I have learned there are so many ways to monetize this job if you will,” said Charlotte.

She makes more money now than she ever made as a school counselor.

Her next project? A flip house in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport.

“It gives me a chance to practice all of the things that I’ve learned until now. It’s my magnum opus,” Charlotte said.

What’s even more important is she is showing her children you can always try something new and show your true colors, all while breaking stereotypes.

“For all of my kids to see a woman who is able to do that goes against fairly traditional views of women. So I like that. I like that they’re seeing their mom doing cool things with power tools,” said Charlotte.

You can follow the At Charlotte’s House blog HERE and the At Charlotte’s House YouTube channel HERE.