Republican spending cuts could impact Head Start seats in Connecticut

Republican spending cuts could impact Head Start seats in Connecticut
Published: May. 4, 2023 at 1:47 PM EDT
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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – U.S. House Republicans proposed spending cuts to almost all federal programs.

It’s part of their push to cut back on what they called excessive spending.

Democrats, meanwhile, said the cuts would hurt families and the middle class.

They could impact childcare programs in Connecticut.

Three hundred children in New Haven go to school each day at the Lulac Head Start Program.

That included three of Angelica Morman’s children.

“In all we’re grateful for Lulac,” Morman said.

Morman said she’s seen big positive changes in her kids since they started going to Lulac

Thursday, she took part in a news conference with Rep. Rosa DeLauro to try and save the school’s funding.

“I also believe it’s imperative for the American public to know what is at stake if this continues to move forward,” DeLauro said.

House Republicans passed a bill that would drastically cut federal spending outside of the Pentagon’s budget.

Republicans said they will only raise the debt ceiling if the bill is signed into law.

One of the programs that would lose funding is Head Start.

It’s estimated the cuts would eliminate 1,400 head start seats in Connecticut.

Republicans believe the cuts are necessary to reduce the nation’s debt without raising taxes.

Morman believes if anything, more money should be spent on programs like Head Start.

“They help with everything and anything,” she said. “It’s the small things for me.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden are set to discuss the debt ceiling and the proposed cuts next week.