Allergist shares helpful tips during nice stretch of weather

Spring allergy forecast
Published: May. 9, 2023 at 8:53 PM EDT
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(WFSB) - With this gorgeous stretch of weather we have this week there is one downside: the allergies.

Eyewitness News talked to an allergist and got some helpful tips you can try at home.

Spring allergy season is always rough for Anthony Aubrey.

“It’s been pretty bad the past couple of days the trees pollen and the grass pollen too especially when I’m mowing it’s terrible,” Anthony said. “I’m on so many medications I take Zyrtec, holistic remedies it doesn’t work, honey, nothing.”

“Today I can feel it in the back of my throat so I’ve got this gigundo thing of water so it just helps me stay clear,” said Donna Swarr, allergy sufferer.

“Right now there is a ton of pollen out in the air we’ve got trees going still especially oaks which a lot of people are allergic to, the maples are mostly done, but then we have grass coming in and it’s growing pretty fast,” said Dr. Harini Hosain, Allergist at the Allergy Health Center in Bloomfield.

Hosain said tree and grass pollen are the culprit.

“It’s good if you know what you’re allergic to because then you know when to start and what medications will work best and there’s so many whether antihistamines, nasal drops even allergy shots from people who really suffer,” Hosain said.

So, when will it end?

“I typically tell my patients stick with your medications through Father’s Day and if you have significant grass allergy at least until July 4th,” said Hosain.

Some other helpful tips? Don’t do yardwork when its windy.

“Using nasal saline to rinse your nose out. Take your shower in the evening, wash your hair and rinse it so you’re not taking pollen to bed with you, keep your windows closed use your air conditioner,” Hosain said.

Our Early Warning Weather allergy report shows that high tree pollen continues showing maple, birch, cedar and juniper trees right now as the worst allergens.

As grass pollen winds down this summer, ragweed allergens are expected to come back in the fall.

Seasonal spring allergies