Rocky Hill mother uses the power of art to bring awareness for kids on the spectrum

Rocky Hill mom advocating for children on the spectrum
Published: May. 16, 2023 at 7:34 PM EDT
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ROCKY HILL, CT (WFSB) - For mom Gina Uricchio from Rocky Hill, a comforting tone of voice can set the mood for the rest of the day.

“That’s the whole essence of connection,” said Gina. “We never know how quickly the connection is going to be with someone.”

Gina is a mom of two and her oldest daughter Ally is autistic.

She learned early how to connect with her entirely through art. Gina said, “as soon as she could pick up the pen she was drawing, little sketches and little people.”

When Ally, now 25, was diagnosed at an early age, Gina said it shifted her focus.

Ally is limited verbally, so Gina said she had to become an expert at a time when not a lot of information or services were accessible or even offered.

“We gravitated to things she likes to do because we wanted that connection,” said Gina.

In 2017, Gina started sharing her voice and ally’s art in a daily blog. “The blog was really musings on our life together,” said Gina.

Gina got so much feedback that she started a company called Mother Asana.

Teamed with the blog, it helped highlight this mom and daughter along with the whole family.

The entire thing focused on parenting and navigating the intricate life inside the autism spectrum.

Gina said, “it was to get the voice out there and kind of merge the art with my voice and her humor and insights into the world.”

All of that energy and essence culminated into a book written by Gina and illustrated by Ally.

The book came out last fall titled “The Art and Voice of Autism.”

“The book is written through the seasons because we go through the seasons of our life and things change,” said Gina.

It is an interactive book for parents and for kids with parts striking a good balance of funny and poignant.

Gina calls it her thesis for her and ally to the world that serves as reference for all families.

“It’s not only for the families with special needs because every family these has a connection to an autistic individual,” said Gina.

This amazing mom continues to use her voice and her daughter’s gift of art. Gina said, “from a mindful standpoint, from the place where I live, I have everything I need.”