AMAZING MOMS: Hartford mom goes above and beyond for the community

Hartford mom goes above and beyond for the community
Published: May. 18, 2023 at 7:38 PM EDT
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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A Hartford mom goes above and beyond not only for her son but also the capital city community.

Samariya Smith is the proud parent of her 16-year-old son Alexander.

He is the co-captain of the Hartford Public High school football team.

Samariya said, “I tell people I have the greatest kid in the world. He’s definitely a teenager.”

This mom has been her son’s biggest supporter, helping him navigate life’s ups and downs,

“I’m very grateful. Very grateful. She brings a peacefulness to my life,” said Alexander.

During football season, you’ll spot Samariya at every game cheering on the players.

Samariya not only leads the team in prayers but also cooks for all of them.

Senior Elijah Perry at Hartford Public High School mentioned the team’s excitement whenever Samariya enters the room.

“As soon as she enters the room, everything is lit up,” said Perry. “She just knows how to bring everyone together. She knows how to get everyone going.”

While Samariya has one biological son, everyone on the team also calls her “mom” according to senior Trevon Ortiz.

“I definitely call her mom. From the food to having the talks with her. I call her mom a lot.,” said Trevon. “I look to that as like my second mother.”

She steps in as a mother figure for those who don’t have one.

Those who know her say that she has a special way of bringing people together.

“It is heartwarming, these kids have made me cry on a number of occasions because they know I love them, and I know they love me.,” said Samariya.

A part of that love includes discipline, making sure her sons are staying on top of their schoolwork and out of trouble.

On top of being there for her son, Samariya is involved in the Parent Teacher Organization and the Student Government Council.

Samariya also works as a crisis responder providing support for shooting victims in the city.

“It’s important for somebody to be there especially when it’s a down time for somebody,” said Samariya. “They need somebody there to help them through.”

This amazing mom has found her purpose in life through serving others.

Samariya said, “I know I am on this planet to pour into people. And so, I do it and I do it willingly; I do it lovingly.”