AMAZING MOMS: A mother’s unconditional love

Foster mom on choosing motherhood
Published: May. 17, 2023 at 8:27 PM EDT
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STRATFORD, CT (WFSB) - Motherhood is a choice that involves choosing to be unselfish in how one lives life, putting the child’s needs first.

The next mother in the series highlighting Amazing Moms takes that selflessness to the next level.

Kelly Towart just spent her Mother’s Day as a foster mom to 8-month-old Micah.

Towart said, “we had a great time we had a little picnic on the floor in our kitchen.”

A church trip to an orphanage and then a college assignment in a crisis childcare center inspired the Stratford woman to foster.

The joy little Micah brings to the family is fulfilling the goals of motherhood Towart dreamed of years ago.

“I think that a mom is someone who is willing to give her life and sacrifice to love the people around her,” said Towart.

Towart is providing all the love to little Micah even if she won’t be in her arms a year down the road.

“The plan right now is for her to be reunified with her father,” said Towart.

Motherhood is providing unconditional love to build a happy future.

Towart said, “today I am called to love her deeply and to support her family in whatever way I can”

Foster motherhood is giving that love without the guarantee of seeing it flourish in the future.

A lesson that’s tough learn and even tougher to teach Towart’s two daughters who see Micah as a sister.

“I was like “are you feeling worried that it’s going to hurt your heart when we have to say goodbye to her?” and she was like “yeah I feel really sad about it a lot,” said Towart.

Towart explains that there is a lot of joy and grief throughout the process but one worth repeating.

She wants to foster more children after Micah reunites with her biological family.

“On the day that I have to say goodbye to her, I am just trusting that what I need to say that goodbye is going to be there,” said Towart.