I-Team: Tips for making your car last longer

Tips for making your car last
Published: May. 24, 2023 at 5:16 PM EDT
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(WFSB) - A study by S&P Global Mobility found the average age of a car right now is the oldest it has ever been.

The average age of a car on the road is 12.5 years.

The number wasn’t surprising to people the I-Team talked to in Wethersfield.

“Cars are too expensive, too expensive. Insurance rates too expensive. Even for a used car, you kidding? You think I’m going to pay that?” said Nieves.

Kelly Blue Book says the average price of a new car in April 2023 was $48,275.

That is up 27% from April 2020 when the average price was $38,060.

The higher price plus higher interest rates are why many think people are holding on to their cars as long as possible.

Curtis D’Addario at D’addario’s Auto Service in East Hartford sees the trend in his shop every day.

“We have some ubers that come in, and they’ve got well over 400,000 miles on them,” said D’Addario.

D’Addario says today’s vehicles should be able to last you more than 200,000 miles as long as you maintain them.

“Oil changes, regular maintenance. Make sure you have a reputable shop doing your oil changes,” said D’Addario.

D’Addario says along with oil changes, you should bring your car into the shop anytime something doesn’t feel or sound right. He says don’t ignore the check engine light either. He also says it’s important to get keep your car clean.

“Getting your car washed regularly, most important, especially during the winter months. Get the undercar car wash. It keeps the underneath components clean, the stuff that you can’t see that you never think about,” said D’Addario.

D’Addario says the under car wash will help prevent rust. A rusted undercarriage will often cost more to fix than the old car is worth.

“If the repair costs more than the vehicle value, that’s when you have to weigh it out,” said D’Addario.

When that time comes, some drivers may turn to another option altogether.

“In case I’d be interested in buying a new car, I’ve been looking towards electrical models,” said Nieves.

Kelly Blue Book says while new vehicle sales fell by 8% in 2022, EV sales were up 65%