NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME TRACKER: A high-res home security camera can make all the difference

Police departments across the state continue to battle quality of life crimes.
Published: May. 25, 2023 at 5:30 PM EDT|Updated: May. 25, 2023 at 7:14 PM EDT
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SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) - Police departments across the state continue to battle quality of life crimes.

Break-ins and burglaries are happening in broad daylight.

The crimes may not be able to be stopped in the moment, but police said they depend more and more on home security cameras.

Channel 3′s Neighborhood Crime Tracker team headed to Southington where video of thieves has police close to an arrest.

Home security systems are a great safety feature and they’re becoming more important to have, but they’re not all the same.

Some may be a little more expensive, but police said the clearer the picture, the faster they can catch the criminals.

“We can use that video to link them to the cases,” said Lt. Keith Egan, Southington police. “Video, as we know, is invaluable in terms of getting us that bit of evidence that can help us connect one crime to another. Especially [to] identify a suspect.”

Eagan said that as the years have gone by, the quality of video has gotten better.

He said that’s extremely important because officers must be able to at least see minor details to catch a criminal.

“If we can’t determine the color of clothing, details in the person’s facial features, it makes it difficult,” Egan said.

A perfect example came from a Southington cul-de-sac.

Lynx security cameras from several homes recorded criminals in a stolen car backing into a neighbor’s driveway and going into a truck.

A thief came out empty handed, but still left with the safety and security stripped from the family.

Jesse Kosko owns Lynx security and is the neighbor of the car owner.

“They think they’ll get me on camera but won’t know who I am or see my car, so once again if you have the proper security, hopefully you can solve those problems,” Kosko said.

The Lynx cameras aren’t like others. The criminals face can be seen clear as day.

“You can’t argue, the quality of the video is going to make all the difference in terms of the case,” Egan said. “Not only to assist us, but if we’re going to use it for evidence, it’s always important that it’s good quality.”

The camera can zoom in on the license plate and even move to follow the suspect or vehicle. It’s essentially a smart-tracking camera.

Putting in a “PTZ” camera that can zoom in on a far car in the street and get that car or the license plate with the license plate reader, is important.

Kosko said it’s often that customers come to him trying to upgrade because of the constant burglaries they hear about.

He said with many upgraded systems now, people can watch from their phone or the comfort of their couch to always know what’s going on around their home and feel safe.

He also said that cameras today, even the high-quality ones, aren’t as expensive as they may think, and they’re worth the investment of safety and security.

As for the criminals who broke into his neighbor’s car, Southington police said they’re working on getting warrants, but it’s still under investigation.