Old Lyme police crack down on drinking on the beach

Police cracking down on drinking at Sound View Beach in Old Lyme
Published: May. 29, 2023 at 5:35 PM EDT
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OLD LYME, CT (WFSB) - Police in Old Lyme are cracking down on drinking on the beach.

They have upped patrols to keep you and your family safe.

“We can’t be tolerating unruly behavior,” Cpl. Wayne Collins said. “It leads to issues of medical, it can lead to fights, all that totally wouldn’t happen if that wasn’t a part of the atmosphere at the time.”

This Memorial Day, extra state troopers, rangers and officers were on hand to sweep the beach and look for open containers. Police have had such a problem in the past, they’re hoping by setting the tone early this year they’ll make it clear that alcohol isn’t allowed on Old Lyme’s public sand.

“It’s escalated to levels where police officers have actually been assaulted,” Collins said.

There are many signs posted, all of which indicate no drinking. Smoking and vaping aren’t allowed either. Caught doing any of it, and you’ve earned yourself a $90 ticket.

“I’m happy they’re out here patrolling doing what they need to do to make sure everyone is safe,” Joseph Aparicio of Wethersfield said. “Everyone is pretty responsible with the actions they take and things that they do.”

Mario Aresco lives in Old Lyme. He says being at Sound View is a rarity for him, namely because of how strict the rules are.

“That’s why I don’t come here,” Aresco said. “When I come to the beach I want to relax, have a beer, throw a ball with my kid, all those things that you can’t do here.”

Police are hoping that by having more of a presence on the beach, they’ll have less problems going forward.

“I think if people are responsible, taking Ubers, hopefully staying close by, then things should be okay, Aparicio said.