McDonald's Happy Meal

A McDonald's Happy Meal.

(Meredith) -- Sometimes, your fast food cravings just can't wait. That's what happened to Iziah, a 5-year-old boy from Wyoming.

Iziah managed to get a hold of a cell phone that his family says was deactivated years ago, but he somehow got it connected to WiFi.

According to WZZM, he called 911 early Sunday morning and asked if they could bring him McDonald's. His grandma was still asleep.

The 911 call revealed Iziah asking for McDonald's and the dispatcher telling him no. But dispatch still reached out to police to do a wellness check on Iziah to make sure everything was alright.

Officer Dan Patterson responded to the call. He said while he was on his way to the house, he would be driving past a McDonald's anyway, so he decided to stop and pick up a meal for Iziah.

"I figured hey, I'm driving past McDonald's on my way there and I might as well get him something," Patterson told WZZM.

When Patterson arrived at the house, no one answered the door, so he knocked on Iziah's window. Patterson said the first thing Iziah said to him was, "My grandma's going to be so mad. Can you please go away?"

According to WZZM, Iziah's grandma was not mad. In fact, she was glad that Iziah learned a lesson about what makes a true emergency.

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