Man 'lures' kids at California park with dog, asks them to see 'magic wands' in his car

A man approached several children at this South Clairemont Community Park in San Diego. (Google Maps)

SAN DIEGO, California (Meredith) — Several moms in San Diego say they witnessed a disturbing encounter between their children and a strange man at a park.

According to KGTV, at the South Clairemont Community Park on Friday, five mothers and their children were visiting the park. The moms told reporters their children were within sight and playing near a wall adjacent to a skate park.

One of the moms got up and walked over to the kids when she said she noticed a man had lured them several hundred feet to see his dog.

"He was getting the kids to play with his dog and getting him to do tricks," one mom told KGTV.

The kids reportedly told their parents that the man offered to show the kids "magic wands" he had in his car.

He also handed the children a card that said "Universal Fun Pass," which would allow the children to "live the life they deserve" and experience "euphoria."

The moms told KGTV the man hurried away when he was approached.

The moms told KGTV they filed a police report and plan on warning their neighborhoods about the man.

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