Chef Victoria Ward is showing us her recipe for chicken and dumplings! Be sure to follow @hawthornechic on Instagram for more amazing meals.

Chicken and dumplings


Half a stick of butter

3 tbs of vegetable oil

8 cups of flour

4 eggs

2 cups of cold water

2 32 oz containers of chicken stock

A half bunch of fresh thyme and sage each

5 cups of mirepoix

2 cups of mushrooms

1 cup of heavy cream

1 1/2 cup of white wine

1 tbs of baking powder

As many pieces of chicken as desired


In a large pot melt butter and sweat the mirepoix, garlic and mushrooms.  Once sweated out add your wine and let reduce for about 4 mins. Add stock and let it come up to a simmer. In a large bowl mix the flour and baking powder with 4 tbs of salt. Whisk the eggs and water together and add to flour as needed to get a moist but yet firm dough while lightly mixing with your hand or wide spoon. Drizzle flour around the dough so it doesn't stick to anything, then Roll out into a thin sheet. Use a butter knife or pastry cutter to cut out 2*2 inch squares. Drop one by one into your broth. They will float then drop. About an hour cooking time. Add vegetable oil to a sauté pan and season your chicken as desired. Put skin side down until it is golden brown. Flip over and put it into your oven at 400 for about 20 mins. Add to your dumpling or serve on top for crispy skin. Enjoy!!

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